Falassarna is located about 52 km west of Chania and is known for its beautiful beach and the crystal clear waters. About 2,000 years ago Falasarna was a famous harbor town with impressive temples and imposing walls. To the north of the beach you can see the remains of an ancient harbor dating back to the late Minoan era. The ancient city of Falassarna was dedicated to the nymph Falasarna and had its heyday in the fourth and third centuries BC. The rich city even had its own currency and was famous and notorious as a naval power, since its income was mainly from pirate activities until it was destroyed by the Romans in 69 BC.

Today, Falasarna is a popular tourist destination. The white sand makes the crystal clear water shine in the most beautiful blue-green and turquoise shades, while the beach is so wide that it appears empty even with higher visitor numbers. The beach, the coast and the dune landscape are characterized by exceptional beauty and nature reserves (Natura 2000).

Falasarna actually consists of several different beach sections, intersected by rocks or smaller dunes. The most famous, largest and perhaps most beautiful of them is Pachia Ammos, where you can find beach bars, bars with deckchairs and water sports facilities. A little farther north is a little smaller beach, which is about 500 m long.

If you want to visit the ruins of the ancient harbor which, as I said, is a little further north, you can go to the end of the asphalted road, and from there it is about 5 minutes further along a gravel road. There is a sign that points you in the right direction.

Since you are right on the west coast, you should definitely not miss one of the romantic sunsets in Falasarna.