• giving your soul wings

We like to invite you to offer your unique seminar in our matchless environment at Crete Retreats.

We are very pleased to remember here some of the most impressing seminars in the recent years:

“Free and wild – giving your soul wings” – healing tones & dance with Arunga Heiden and Ingemar Rohn in April 2014 (only for women).

“Lomi Lomi Massage Training” with Marissa Säly in May 2014.

“The Queens of Colours” – art therapeutic seminar with Amati Holle in April 2016 (only for women).

“Vision Quest for Women” with Manuela Treppens and Christine Weibel in 2014, 2015, 2016 and November 2017 (only for women).

Please feel free to ask about the possibilities and conditions to make your seminar or workshop come true. You are very welcome!!