Elafonisi is well-known because of its beautiful sandy beaches with pink and coral sand and the crystal clear turquoise water that gently winds the lagoon. It is located on the secluded and unspoiled southwestern corner of Crete and you quickly get a sense of wilderness and adventure, far away from everything. But that does not mean that you are the only one. Especially in the high season, Elafonisi is a top destination for many tourists. From June to September you can find sunbeds, umbrellas and snack bars right on the beach. If you prefer it more quiet, leave the main beach behind and head towards the beautiful dunes island.
Here are many small beaches on the south side and the further you go, the quieter it becomes. However, there is not much shade. The water is generally fairly shallow and safe for children. They can play for hours on end.
At the western end of the island is a small hill with a small lighthouse and a small inconspicuous chapel. From here you have a nice view of the whole area.
The coral and pink sand, which is found mainly on the water’s edge, is produced by large quantities of tiny red and pink mussels.
Elafonisi is a protected area (Natura 2000) as well as a micro-reserve for the protection and study of Androcymbium rechingeri. The small island is home to 110 plant species and is a dream for everyone interested in botany. Particularly noteworthy are lake daffodils, androcymbium rechingeri, marram grass and endemic juniper trees.