About me

About me, Birgitta:

I am a sociologist and worked 17 years as a researcher and lecturer at the University of Bremen and in the last years in the department of Public Health.

My holistic health approach and my broader understanding of health as an authentic life-style, where change and movement are basic issues and different challenges are essential for personal growth, are fundamental aspects in my scientific work and daily life.

My love with Crete started more than 30 years ago and it was always my heart desire to stay here and to take root. After my move to Crete I invested even more time in studying alternative health approaches and the art of living in general. This led me to the idea of Crete Retreats.

With Crete Retreats I like to open the door for everybody – friends, families and groups of like-minded people – who are looking for a remote original place to retreat, to share, to relax, to inspire, to create and to enjoy an unforgettable vacation experience.