The convent Chrisoskalitissa was built in the 19th century in a sublime position on a rock near the sea. Today, only a monk and a nun inhabit the building and maintain it. Since in the Greek Orthodox Church only men can celebrate worship, it is not uncommon for a monk to be in the convent.

During the Turkish domination, a small inconspicuous and cave-like room of the monastery served as a school for the neighboring children, where they learned unobserved the Greek language and history of their country .

The holiday of the monastery is Maria Himmelfahrt on 15 August.

The name “Chrisoskalitissa” literally means “golden stage”. According to a legend, one stage of the monastery staircase is made of pure gold, which, however, can only be seen by those who hold the true faith in God. However, another version says that the golden stage was sold by the patriarchy to solve the economic problems of the monastery during the Turkish era.