Balos / Gramvousa

Balos Bay and the lagoon of Gramvousa also boast a Caribbean flair and scenic beauty and uniqueness. From a geological point of view, they were created by a gradual tectonic elevation of the island in the west, which led to a land connection between Crete and the former island of Cape Tigani. Thus, the lagoon could form in the shelter of this land bridge by flooding over a thousand years.

The beach of Balos consists of fine white shell and coral sand. The only shallow water on deep parts of the lagoon with depths below 50 centimeters does not show any vegetation. Also the coastal areas characterized by dunes show only a sparse vegetation.

On the southern edge of the lagoon, there is a tavern open during the summer, closing in the course of October. There is also a cantina, which offers small dishes. Sun loungers and umbrellas are also rented from there. The cantina is usually open until the end of October.

On the peninsula of Cape Tigani is a small chapel and on the outlying island Imeri Gramvousa are the ruins of a Venetian castle from the 16th century.