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We like to invite you to a special journey, to a unique place, where your inner creative self is welcome to find its time and space in dialogue with a highly inspiring social and natural surrounding. In late autumn a creative writing retreat will be held at the Westcoast of Crete (we will inform you soon about the time line). And if we say “retreat” – this is what we mean: Far from the city, in the middle of the rough Cretan landscape, with goats and rocks, very near the sea, there are some houses and we will spend the workshop in one of them.

It’s a place which invites you to come closer in a very existential way: closer to your inner voice, your feelings and visions, closer to your unconventional (wild) nature and to the outer nature elements which are offered to us from an unspoiled Cretan landscape. The merging of the deep blue water with the endless horizon, the majestic rocks which watchers alike guard the natural scenery and wildlife, time seems to stay still and is yet constantly changing… A perfect setting to calm down, think about life in general and in particular and start writing your story.

The writing sessions are held in English – but you can write in German, English or French – we want to open the program for an international group, as we think that creativity works very well in a cosmopolite surrounding!


The writing week will be your personal hero’s journey: As you already left your ordinary world (Step 1) and arrived with your call to adventure (Step 2: to write), we will first fight against your refusal of the call (Step 3: the fear of the white page) and give you the possibility to meet your mentor (Step 4: the writing teacher) so that you will be able to cross the threshold (Step 5: to start writing). After this, you will meet your personal tests, your enemies and your allies (Step 6: description, invention of characters and their back-stories with all those steps of the hero’s journey). Step 7 will deepen your writing knowledge; you will find the enemies and the allies of your fictive hero. Step 8 will confront you with your deepest fears: finding the right plot for your story, but the reward (Step 9) will not be far away and you will be successful and –  Step 10: return with the “elixier”. So if you come home from this writer’s journey, you will perfectly know how to proceed to finish your writing project.

Please contact for further questions directly Dr. Hanne Landbeck.

Writing teacher: Dr. Hanne Landbeck, founded schreibwerk berlin in 2004 and is senior writing coach, author, journalist and literature scientist.

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